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As you search for the perfect property, you will often wonder how much your mortgage repayments will be or how much the stamp duty will be on your purchase. To the right you will easy to use calculators to help you along the way.


If you already have a mortgage - you can reduce your costs by making extra repayments. Every little bit helps - and you may be surprised how much you can save. To the right you will find a calculator to help calculate exactly how much you can save over the life of your loann by making additional repayment. Our qualified staff can help further by conducting a "Home Loan Health Check" which will ensure you are on a product that suits your needs should you want to begin making extra repayments to your home loan.


Feel free to call our staff on 1800 422 657 (02 4454 4502) to make an obligation free appointment for a "Home Loan Health Check". As time goes by, and situations change its a great idea to re-assess your finance and ensure you have a product and lender that suits your needs. This appointment is free of charge, but could end up saving you money every month.


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